Since October 2017, Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation has raised $750,000 to help advance the capabilities of Texas Game Wardens and equip them with the specialty equipment needed to maintain safety and ensure the highest level of service for the people of Texas.

Region 5 is now able to patrol in a much needed, new UTV thanks to a generous donation from Women Who Wander.

Region 1 is now equipped with a new UTV thanks to generous donors at an event in San Angelo.

Two new swift-water rescue vessels for Texas Game Wardens in Region 7. Texas Game Wardens have responded to natural disasters for more than 100 years, rescued and evacuated over 12,000 Texans during Hurricane Harvey, and have been responding to recent flash-flooding events across the State.

Newly installed side scan sonar unit for Region III Game Wardens.

In December 2017, the first Search and Rescue Drone was purchased through the Gear Up for Game Wardens program.

More than 15 Search and Rescue Drones have been purchased for Game Wardens across the state.

Game Wardens at a training event testing out their new drone.

Dry Suits and boots being used by the Special Ops Underwater Search and Recovery Dive Team. Seven dry suits and boots have been purchased for the Dive Team with two more still needed.

Dry Suits and boots being used by the Special Ops Underwater Search and Recovery Dive Team.

An image taken with Night Vision purchased through the Gear Up program of Game Wardens pulling gill nets from the Rio Grande River in Cameron County.

Region IV Game Wardens showing off their new snake boots purchased through the Gear Up program.

An image taken with the Pulsar Thermal Imaging device of a tug boat Game Wardens were hiding behind while looking for illegal oyster boats oystering at night in San Antonio Bay.

Handheld FLIR being used to do surveillance on an oyster boat in Aransas County.

This wouldn’t be possible without your help.

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