Special Ops

Special Operations units conduct statewide, mission-critical functions. There are 12 Special Operations units including K-9, Search and Rescue, Underwater Search and Recovery, Forensic Mapping & Reconstruction, and Marine Theft. These specialized units leverage the knowledge and capabilities of Texas Game Wardens with the implementation and utilization of specialized training, technology and equipment to enhance resource protection and public safety.

K-9 Assistance Fund

$74,000 goal

***Fundraising Goal Met***

Drysuit and Boots for Dive Team

$1,512 each

(7 purchased / 2 needed)

Used for search and rescue.

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Drysuit and Boots for Search and Rescue Team

$1,302 each

(2 purchased / 18 needed)

Used for search and rescue.

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Night Vision

$13,115 each

(0 purchased / 12 needed)

Used for anti-poaching patrols and search and rescue.

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Nightvision Goggles

Special Operations needs your help.

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