Region II

Region II, which includes the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, spans over 17,000 square miles from the Arkansas/Louisiana border to the western edge of Fort Worth. Texas Game Wardens in these 24 counties handle everything from importation of game at the airports to night hunting in the piney woods. These wardens also have constant interaction with visitors from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma and patrol several of the largest inland bodies of water in the state.

Night Vision

$2,700 each

(1 purchased / 24 more needed)

Used for anti-poaching patrols and search and rescue.

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Nightvision Goggles

Digital Radios

$9,000 each

(1 purchased / 40 more needed)

Used for communication between game wardens and local law enforcement dispatch centers.

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Walkie Talkies in a Row

Side Scan Sonar Unit

$2,000 each

(4 purchased / 12 more needed)

Used to locate drowning victims and evidence.

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A Side Scan Sonar Unit

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