Region VIII

Region VIII is located along the lower Texas Gulf Coast from Calhoun County to the Rio Grande. The region’s many rivers, creeks, lakes, bays, and estuaries, as well as the Gulf of Mexico, provide abundant recreational opportunities for anglers and boaters, while hunters can pursue deer, waterfowl, quail, turkey, dove, and even exotic species. While enforcing hunting, water safety, and recreational and commercial fishing regulations represent the core of Region VIII game wardens’ duties, border and port security also command their attention.

Communication Devices

$330-$2,300 each

Increase communication and safety in extremely remote areas with limited cell coverage.

Devices needed: Cell Boosters, Personal Locator Beacons, Marine Cell Boosters and Handheld Communication Kits

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UTV and Trailer

$40,000 each

(1 purchased / 1 needed)

Used for anti-poaching patrols and search and rescue in hard to access areas of south Texas’ brush country and beach areas. Specifically configured to law enforcement-specific missions and to withstand the usage of first responders.

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Thermal Imaging Unit

$3,900 each

(2 purchased / 8 needed)

Used for anti-poaching patrols and search and rescue.

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NewWater Boatworks Curlew

***Fundraising Goal Met***

Used to patrol complex, shallow bodies of water, enforce seagrass regulations and perform search and rescue missions in highly isolated areas that have only been accessible by airboat, which can be heard more than a mile away. Gear Up is partnering with FlatsWorthy in this fundraising effort.  Learn more about the partnership.

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