Region IV

Region IV consists of 18,348 square miles along the upper coast, including the greater Houston area, and extends inland to College Station. Texas Game Wardens in this region are responsible for recreational boating and fishing in Lake Conroe and Matagorda Bay, as well as enforcing commercial fishing regulations for the oyster and shrimp fisheries of Galveston Bay, the upper coast, and the Gulf of Mexico. Hunting season keeps these wardens busy with everything from deer to waterfowl and dove.



(2 purchased / 1 needed)

The purchase of this vessel will allow Texas Game Wardens to patrol shallow bays, marshes and rivers for freshwater fishing and waterfowl hunting enforcement. Game wardens also heavily rely on this type of specialty equipment for emergency response during natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, where over 12,000 rescues were made.

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Body Worn Cameras

$500 each

(6 purchased / 10+ needed)

The purchase of body-worn cameras will allow game wardens to capture the truth while building trust during their on-the-job interactions with the public. Body-worn cameras allow game wardens to collect much-needed audio and video evidence with ease while providing an added layer of safety and security as they carry out their daily duties.

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Anti-Poaching Equipment

$2,800-$4,000 each

Items Needed: Night Vision & Thermal Optics

Used for anti-poaching patrols and search and rescue.

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Shallow Water Boat

$22,000 each

(1 needed)

Used for anti-poaching patrols and search and rescue.

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