Region III

Region III encompasses 22,000 square miles in deep East Texas. The region’s prime fishing and hunting opportunities, spread across nearly 1 million surface acres of public waterways and 700,000 acres of public hunting land, keep these wardens busy year-round. Texas Game Wardens also fill the important role of first responder when hurricanes and heavy flooding strike the region.

Center Console Boat, Motor, Trailer

$40,000 each

(1 needed)

Used for anti-poaching patrols.

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Search and Rescue


Items Needed: Thermal Drone, Side Scan Sonar, SAR Dry Suits & Boots, Cold weather protective gear

Used for search and rescue.

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Anti-Poaching Equipment


Items Needed: Night Vision, Thermal Optics, Wildlife Decoys

Used for anti-poaching patrols and search and rescue.

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